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I am trained as an information specialist. In addition to my work, I visited the evening Academy for Fine Arts in The Hague, where I also had my own studio. I had lessons portrait painting by Ed van der Kooij and abstract Chinese painting by Zhuang Hong Yi.
After years of painting I took up photography out of the blue. I found and created my own style. In the years that followed, photography soon became much more than just a hobby and eventually it got more and more difficult to combine it with my career at the Council of State in the Hague.

In 2013 I became a fulltime artist/photographer and image maker specialized in photomontages, leaving my established career and the certainty of a steady income behind to follow my heart.

Now I am registered at the Art Centre Rotterdam and working in the field of (urban-) landscape & nature, portraits, social documentary and art photography.


My subject: the city of Rotterdam and its inhabitants. Over the past few years, I have been taking a critical look at the social problems of the city. In doing so, I put man centrally. After all, the city is more than infrastructure, traffic and a fight over every available centimeter.

The projects show a different side of Rotterdam, not the highlights but the everyday life of its inhabitants. There must be room in the city to live, breathe and enjoy, regardless of social or geographical origin. 
What do people think about the city? How do they live, what problems do they encounter? Housing, transport, crime, integration of foreigners, alienation, environmental issues, water management, the elderly, unemployment etc.
I endeavour to examine the questions photographically. 
My pictures seem to depict reality, but in fact consist of Photoshop elements, the individual person and a specifically selected background ( just like the 16th and 17th paintings). 
The photomontages force you to think about the message I want to convey: The city must remain worth living in.

If you are interested in my work or if you have ideas to use or exhibit the series, please don't hesitate to contact me.


1997-2011 Portraits with humor
Painted portraits. Consciousness is played with the proportions and perspectives without creating a caricature. 
But beware, there is more behind this apparent joy!

2005-2009 Asia Art
Chinese classic ink paintings and modern "Chinese" paintings with acrylic paint. 
The old Chinese rules for perspective are respected.

2012-2015 "Still life"
Classical still lifes and landscapes in the atmosphere of 17th-century paintings and modern minimalist still lifes 
in which composition and light are concerned.
2014- "Project A16"
Air pollution, floods and the planned construction of a motorway through the situation Bergse forest in Rotterdam 
and the consequences for man and nature. The Ministry of Transport
and public works have asked Rotterdam professional photographers to record these changes 
in their own characteristic way.
2014- "Groeten uit Rotterdam" (translated: Greetings from Rotterdam)
"Postcards" with a portrait and a Statement. What moves the people in Rotterdam, what makes them happy, 
is it exciting? They are normal people, older generations,
immigrants, young entrepreneurs, artists etc. I let them tell about their city in a photographic way,
by adding their statements. The "postcards" have been hung up as Mobile.

2015- "De dynamic city" 
Collages or multiple exposures to capture the dynamics of the city. The people in the city, buildings, traffic .....

2016 "De Kracht van Rotterdam" (translated: "the power of Rotterdam images from another city")
Not the highlights of Rotterdam, but the people and their lives in the district Delfshaven are put in the center.
I won an award for this project in 2016 and a three-month outdoor exhibition in the interior
City of Rotterdam.

2017- "StadsGezichten met baard" (translated: "Faces of the City with Beard")
I use Photoshop to mount special backgrounds behind the portrait.
Photo and background reinforce each other. Why men with beard ?? This has everything to do with the port. 
This project, which I am still working on will result in an expo at the photo festival on the Maas, beginning of May 2018.

2018- Tram 4
Tram line 4 connects the most diverse districts in Rotterdam. From Hillegersberg with the chic ladies with ditto dogs, brand shops and expensive cars through the high-rise buildings in the center, the modern shops of the Nieuwe Binnenweg to the call shops in the Delfshaven and Spangen districts.

Groeten uit Rotterdam, beelden van een andere stad (Perspectie video)

1996-2006 Free Academy for Fine Arts, The Hague.
1993-1996 Academy for Arts, Rotterdam


2018 “Fotofestival aan de Maas”, Deliplein Rotterdam
2017  "You and I: World press photo", Grote kerk Zwolle
2017 "de Hef", Galerie Wind, Rotterdam (AWARD)

2016 "de Kracht van Rotterdam", (AWARD)
2015 "Portretten met een knipoog", Rehoboth Berkel (solo)
2014 "Twilight", Fotofestival Rotterdam
2014  Artiscoop pop-up gallery, Rotterdam
2013  One window gallery, Rotterdam (solo)
2013  "Bezinning en harmonie", DJOJ Rotterdam (solo)
2013  "Kunst en boek", Openbare bibliotheek Rotterdam
2012  "KunstWerk aan de Winkel", Rotterdam
2012  "Podium voor passie", Gemeentehuis Lekkerkerk (solo)
2012  "Kunst- en atelierroute", Rotterdam
2012  "Vier de schoonheid", Museumnacht Rotterdam
2009  Boesner galerie, Amsterdam
2006  "475 jarig jubileum" Raad van State, Den Haag (solo)
2000  "Portretten met een knipoog", Galerie Fascino Rotterdam (solo)
1999  "Zomersalon", Haagse kunstkring


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