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After years of painting I took up photography out of the blue. Now I am registered at the Art Centre Rotterdam and working in the field of portraits, social documentary and stilllife photography.

Over the past few years, I have been taking a critical look at the social problems of the city. In doing so, I put man centrally. I endeavour to examine the questions photographically.

I often photograph people in a selected environment, because it tells a part of the story. In doing so, I search for signs, such as clothing and attributes, that can convey the situation of that person. By using a tight, somewhat classical, composition I can emphasize the emotion of the gaze without any distracting elements playing a role. The composition must lead to the essential part of the photograph: the person and his story. My lighting technology must ensure that the person is delimited against the background, which will function as a decor, such as in the theater.

My pictures  seem to represent reality, but is in fact made up of Photoshop elements , the individual person and a specifically selected background ( just like paintings). The montages are rather precisely constructed images with references to paintings than photographs of reality. It could be reality. It is precisely this reality that has been made (sometimes this is also visible) that forces to think about the message that I want to convey.

My photographic work is often critical. Humor or a deeper layer is often shown in my photographs and paintings. There is more to see than seems at first. Creativity and emotions comes first, technique is of minor importance. Something I have learned as painter at the Academy of Art and Design (WBK)  in The Hague. But those niceties are not soul saving. I use therefor consciously form elements and tools to be able to tell my story better. Composition, lines and layers are essential elements.


If you are interested in my work or if you have ideas to use or exhibit the series, please don't hesitate to contact me.



1996-2006 Free Academy for Fine Arts, The Hague.

1993-1996 Academy for Arts, Rotterdam





2021 Buitenexpo "Coolsingel", Rotterdam
2020 "Creatief realisme", Kunstgalerie Berkel
2018 “Fotofestival aan de Maas”, Deliplein Rotterdam
2017  "You and I: World press photo", Grote kerk Zwolle
2017 "de Hef", Galerie Wind, Rotterdam (AWARD)
2016 "de Kracht van Rotterdam", (AWARD)
2015 "Portretten met een knipoog", Rehoboth Berkel (solo)
2014 "Twilight", Fotofestival Rotterdam
2014  Artiscoop pop-up gallery, Rotterdam
2013  One window gallery, Rotterdam (solo)
2013  "Bezinning en harmonie", DJOJ Rotterdam (solo)
2013  "Kunst en boek", Openbare bibliotheek Rotterdam (solo)
2012  "KunstWerk aan de Winkel", Rotterdam
2012  "Podium voor passie", Gemeentehuis Lekkerkerk (solo)
2012  "Kunst- en atelierroute", Rotterdam
2012  "Vier de schoonheid", Museumnacht Rotterdam
2009  Boesner galerie, Amsterdam
2006  "475 jarig jubileum" Raad van State, Den Haag (solo)
2000  "Portretten met een knipoog", Galerie Fascino Rotterdam (solo)
1999  "Zomersalon", Haagse kunstkring

1998 GEMAK galerie, Den Haag



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